Tuesday, March 24, 2009

★ Rock Life. Together. Marketing Campaign

"Rock Life. Together." is Soul Purpose ym's new tag line. The concept behind "Rock Life. Together." is that God created each one of us to have a our own identity, creativity, and personality and we are supposed to use them to Rock out for God. Now everyone knows that to truly Rock out and Rock Life for God, having an impact on the culture, you have to do it Together. What can I say, it's a great concept and I had a lot of fun designing this Logo for them! (guess which one of my top 10 fonts I used... lol) I also, had the opportunity to design and direct the promo vid and all the other collateral for the campaign. Above is a render of the Logo.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

★ My top 10 Fonts!

1. Eurostile - Designed By: Alessandro Butti and Aldo Novarese ((Commercial Download at Fonts.com))
2. Garamond - Designed By: Tony Stan ((Commercial Download at Fonts.com))
3. Porcelain - Designed By: Eduardo Recife ((Free Download at Misprintedtype.com))
4.  VTKS Rock Garage Band - Designed By: Douglas Vitkauskas ((Free Download at Vtks.com.br))
5. P22 Dearest - Designed By: Christina Torre ((Commercial Download at MyFonts.com))
6. Futura - Designed By: Paul Renner ((Commercial Download at Fonts.com))
7. Helvetica Neue - Designed By: Alfred Hoffman and Max Miedinger ((Commercial Download at Fonts.com))
8. Authentic Ink - Designed By: Florian Schick ((Commercial Download at MyFonts.com)) 
9. Times New Yorker - Designed By: Graffilia Fetén ((Free Download at DaFont.com))
10. Sloop - Designed By: Richard Lipton ((Commercial Download at MyFonts.com))