Friday, June 26, 2009

★ Craft Savvy Invitation

Last month, my wife and one of her friends asked me to design a cute flower invitation for a book club called "Blossom" that they wanted to start with a few friends. Since my wife is very sweet, my inspiration, and the love of my life, I was happy to acquire the project. To convey the meaning of the name Blossom, (to mature, to grow, to bloom) the invitation had to be colorful, beautiful, and personal. After researching a few flower invitations by other designers, I nailed down the color palette and drew the diecut. Once the diecut was finalized, I created the petals, filled the shape with purple, used some transparency, and added an inner shadow effect. Then, I decided to line the inside of the petals with red dots in order to give the flower kind of a dainty feeling. Next, I designed the Blossom identity, typeset the copy, and put the finishing touches on the layout by placing a light asian pattern behind everything. Early the next morning, I visited Michaels and plowed through the envelope design. While everyone knows that the envelope and enclosure have to compliment each other, I wanted the outside of my invitation to add another level of finesse. To achieve this, I chose a green envelope, wrapped it with a sheer red ribbon, and topped the ribbon with a purple and green flower petal with a single lavender gem stone in the center. I found that these Craft Savvy Invitations were fun, quick, and very cost-effective. While I designed this invitation for a book club, the theme can be used for many other events such as your next informal outdoor party. Below are some of my resources, in case you would like to use them.

Shopping List:
• 8.5" x 11" Sheets of Purple Brocade Stylized Paper by TPC Studios - $0.50 each
• Pack of 60 Lavender Gem Stickers by Martha Stewart Crafts - $4.99
• Pack of 10 "Lucky" 6" Square Envelopes by Mix + Mingle - $3.99
• Calypso Tin of 64 Purple Flower Petals by Prima - $6.99
• Rolls of 1 and 1/2 inch Strawberry colored Ribbon with wire by Home & More - $2.99 each
• 1/2 inch Roll of permanent Double Sided Tape by Scotch - $2.50

1. Draw a Flower diecut in Illustrator measuring 5.75" or click here to download mine
2. Design your Invitation (You will notice that I printed on both sides... If you are going to do the same, it is a little tricky. You have to really know your printer and make sure you leave enough room for shift)
3. Print and Cut your Invitations
4. Stick Lavender Gems in the center of the Flower Petals
5. Place the Invitations in the envelopes
6. Cut the Ribbon into about 12.25" or 12.375" strips
7. Stretch the cut Ribbon out on the table and place the envelope on top of it (Flap down)
8. Place a little piece of Double-Sided Tape on the front of envelope (Centered top and bottom)
9. Stick each side of the Ribbon to the tape on the envelope and secure with another small piece of tape
10. Place the Embellished Petal on the overlap of the ribbon
11. Hand deliver invitations to your special guests

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