Monday, June 22, 2009

★ Never Forgotten Tributes®

While many artists have designed the most elaborate wedding invitations, marketed for billion dollar corporations, and crafted everything from cutlery to ice sculptures at events of the highest prestige, none have under-taken the task of creating the perfect memory of a loved one who has passed until now.  Lynn Early, Seasoned Designer and Founder of Never Forgotten Tributes®, realized that the best way to celebrate and treasure the memory of her beloved mother was by creating a personalized keepsake card, a task which she had to complete with her own ingenuity. From that keepsake card Never Forgotten Tributes® was born! Last year, I was presented with the monumental opportunity of working along side of her to design the line for Never Forgotten. The Line includes personalized products such as: Prayer Cards, Keepsake Cards, Thank You Cards, and Life Story Dvds! I had the pleasure of branding Never Forgotten and designing the entire Classic Collection for Adults, most of the Traditional Collection for Adults, and the Urban Line for Youth. Please enjoy snapshots of my favorite designs below or follow the links to view Never Forgotten Tributes or Early Riser Incorporated.

Registered trademark and snapshots are the exclusive property of Early Riser Incorporated. Used by Permission.

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