Monday, August 17, 2009

★ Kill at Design

For four and a half years, I worked white collar design jobs in which I sat, smiled and nodded at bosses that cared more about getting the project finished and billed then about giving the client the creative edge they needed to stand out amongst the competition. (Please don't misunderstand me; I know there is a balance between the two). I have also witnessed people download some eccentric fonts, throw some "art" together and call themselves a designer. As if that wasn't enough, in the past year we have seen a decline in the Design field. So, I was overjoyed earlier this year when I launched Rob Jelinski Studios. RJS accepted these challenges as a time to conquer and change the industry... "Kill at design or be killed by the best."

Our first challenge was to design a website and a promo packet- our way of telling the World what Rob Jelinski Studios is all about. At first glance, this undertaking was intimidating. Other visionary studios had full flash sites and phenomenal press kits, both of which we couldn't afford, and the "other" studios had, at best, a clean corporate feel. While RJS can design for the traditional and sleek, they are not our target audience. We are reaching for clients that may not always have millions, but are determined to leave a lasting impression with witty angles and clever executions. We used that same approach for our marketing launch: a balanced mixture of clean and textured fonts, a palette of smooth, muted colors for backgrounds and patterns with pop colors to add emphasis on links, bullets, and important info, illustrations to give the photos an artistic edge, rounded corners and dashed lines to add the "sleek" factor, and old-time elements such as iron cast frames, diamonds, and florets to add a vintage fancy. On the promo card, we even added a layer of depth and class with spot varnishes ;)

When I handed the promo card to one actress, her response was "WOW!" Then she continued to examine the design and detail for a few moments, as if I wasn't even there. When I asked her what made the card stand out from others, she said, "Other people have marketing, but this card makes me feel like I'm looking at the album cover of my favorite rapper." Music Producers, Promoters, Musicians, Actresses, Business Men, Personal Trainers, Dancers, Writers, Designers, and average people all agreed that our fist marketing launch "killed at design."

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