Wednesday, September 23, 2009

★ 5Qs with Chris Spooner

When you are a designer, you are used to coping with tight dead lines, creating and revising artwork, and then revising and re-creating artwork to satisfy the needs of every one of your clients. Somewhere in the grind, you find yourself in need of resources. You launch Safari and type in design freebies, photoshop tutorials, or CS4 tips and tricks and when you hit the return key, you find listings of tons of designers who you now feel are your best friends. Chris Spooner is one of those people- a designer that just wants to give back. Today I had the chance to ask him the 5Qs.

Rob: Hey Chris! It's great to talk with you today. All of your freebies are great. One that really caught my eye was your "Vector Doodles and Sketches." Then when I saw your "Hand Drawn Icons," I realized that I had to interview you.

Q1: Tell me a little about yourself?

Chris: Hi, I'm Chris Spooner. I'm a designer from the UK who's pretty crazy about all things creative. I work for myself as a designer/blogger earning a living with a mix of client work and writing about design subjects on my websites Blog.SpoonGraphics and Line25.

Rob: Work is fun when you love what you do. I've never heard of Line25- I'll have to check it out. I bookmarked Blog.SpoonGraphics the first time I visited it and I'm sure I'll be marking Line25 too lol.

Q2: When did you first realize that you wanted to do this?

I wanted to be a designer from a pretty young age. I can't remember exactly how I picked out the career of Graphic Designer alongside Astronaut and Secret Agent, but I managed to go through school, College and University following this aim. I landed my first job in the industry as a web/designer designer for a small local studio where I worked for two years before heading out as a freelancer.

Rob: I should have become a Secret Agent lol. I remember loving to draw when I was young and my parents showcasing my art at parties with family and friends, but I didn't decide that I wanted to be a designer till I was 18 years old. It's great that you were so focused.

Q3: What do you feel is your strongest asset?

Chris: I'm lucky to find myself the type of person that tends to pick up new things quite well. I must have quite an analytical brain. This has proved handy in my career when it comes to learning new software applications or coding languages, so I guess this would be my strongest asset.

Rob: Learning fast is definitely a strong asset.

Q4: What would you like to be known for?

Chris: By offering design tutorials on my blogs I've developed a name for helping people out, which in turn has given exposure to my own work. I'd like to keep up this image of being someone approachable that's always happy to offer advice and tips.

Rob: Two things that people remember in this industry is talent and the willingness to help. Every designer has their work cut out for them and when someone (esp. someone who is talented) is willing to pause their work flow and help you out, you never forget that.

Q5: Why Spoon Graphics?

Chris: It's nothing too complex really, basically my surname is Spooner, so a twist on the word Spoon creates both a fancypants company name while having a personal connection :-)

Rob: That's cool and fitting for your goal of being down to earth. Thanks for your time Chris and keep up the good work!!! Keep checking out and "My Ink Pad" for more 5Qs.


  1. Nice little interview Rob, thanks!

    Michael //

  2. Very nice interview, I like the fact that is short and concise. And of course is a must for everyone improving their design habilities and a great source for tutorials.