Wednesday, September 2, 2009

★ 5Qs with with Ryan and Kelly Portnoy

What is your definition of a brilliant photograph? Crisp clarity? Perfect Lighting? Witty angles? A great photograph must have all of these, but a brilliant one must captivate your sight, mind, and imagination. The photography by Kellan Studios is nothing less then brilliant! Ryan and Kelly Portnoy capture the personality, emotion, and mood of each model and their surroundings with skill and ease. It's no wonder why their work has been featured on Weddings Unveiled and the Bride's Cafe. Now, I have the pleasure of bringing you this exclusive interview with these two master-minds.

Rob: Ryan and Kelly, it is so great to talk with you today. You recently photographed my friend, Chrissy Romine's wedding (the fashionista pictured above) and ever since I have been a huge fan of your work.
(Click on the links and see more pics from Chrissy's wedding! You won't regret it.) Click here for Wedding Shots of Chrissy and Jay or Click here for the Day After Session)

Q1: Tell me a little about yourselves?

Kelly: I'm very short at 5'2" while Ryan is very tall at 6'6". I prefer sarcasm while Ryan is a gold medalist in puns. I can organize, categorize, and color code just about anything while Ryan prefers to "organically" organize his possessions.

Ryan: Kelly is a technology leper while I have technology autism. Kelly prefers watching E News while I would rather spend my time watching ESPN. She could eat gourmet meals every night while I prefer the more refined pallet of mac and cheese, chicken nuggets and hotdogs.

Kelly: I own a Britney Spears CD while Ryan would rather pluck his nose hairs one by one than be caught dead with a Britney Spears CD.

As different as our perspectives can be both figuratively and literally, it is the very essence of what makes our photography tick! We see the world uniquely, the masculine and feminine, the structure and composition, the details and the big picture. We are a virtual Venn Diagram. Our differences make us unique and we overlap in the middle to produce the images that you see here. We love photography. We love being photographers together. We love laughter, romance, fashion and irony. We love our clients and consider it a supreme privilege to capture life's greatest moments as they happen.

Rob: I see that you paint a vivid picture with your words as well as film. Like I said before, I am a huge fan and l can really tell that you both love what you do. Not everyone can take the kind of pictures you guys take.

Q2: When did you both realize that you wanted to do this?

Ryan: Both of us have had an interest in photography as a hobby.

Kelly: I took a film/photography class in highschool where you process everything by hand. It definitely ignited the desire to capture art. Ryan started in college with his first purchase of a Canon Rebel XTI. He mostly took pictures of events and friends to start out with. You could say we both have a natural ability for composition, but it has taken years to refine the post production side of our photography. When Ryan and I were dating, a friend asked him if he would mind taking his cousin's wedding pictures. They were having a small/casual wedding and so Ryan agreed. After we got married, four years ago, somehow photography got brought up and the idea of wedding photography. I am a total girly girl and love the romantic side of photography. I also have a business minor so I knew I could handle the business/marketing side of things while Ryan is extremely technology savvy so he holds down the fort with album design and our website.

Ryan: We both shoot and both edit. Three and a half years ago we got our business license and shot our first wedding together in April 2006. Things naturally took off from there as we began to get better, upgrade equipment and market ourselves.

Kelly: We never dreamed we would be where we are today in such a short time. We are definitely blessed.

Rob: I can't believe your studio was established only three years ago. Your photographs and over-all style look as if you have been doing this for years.

Q3: What do you feel is your strongest asset?

Kelly: Definitely being a husband and wife team. Brides and grooms like the fact that we shoot both perspectives. It also gives us the advantage of me hanging with the girls while they get ready and Ryan with the guys while they get ready so we never miss a moment. Not to mention, we have been there ourselves. We know all too well what goes into planning a wedding so we are sensitive to the process and realize that we play a MAJOR role on a wedding day. I feel we bring confidence and calmness to what it typically a stressful day.

Rob: The husband and wife combo is definitely a big plus! Who can tailor the perfect photo of the bride and groom better than a couple who has been their themselves and knows all about the precious moments?

Q4: What would you like to be known for?

Kelly: We would loved to be known for creating images that sweep people into a different world. One full of romance, beauty, fun, a bit quirky at times....REAL. We want people to get to know complete strangers stories without us saying anything. The images tell the story or their love and relationship as well as their personalities.

Rob: When I look at your photography, I see individuality, infatuation, security, and love flowing out of the couples, almost as if I was viewing a film reel with music, words, and movement instead of a still photo.

Q5: Why Kellan Studios?

Ryan: Kelly is the "Kell" in Kellan, Ryan is the "an" of Kellan. Yup folks, it's just that simple! We didn't want to pick a name that is too trendy or cliche about photography...we figure our names aren't going anywhere...let's stick with what our mama's gave us.

Rob: I love how you bring your own flare to the industry in your profession. No wonder why you can bring that same tone to your work! Thanks Kelly and Ryan. I really enjoyed this. Keep snapping those shots we all love! More 5Qs with the best in the industry coming your way.

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