Monday, September 14, 2009

★ Vintage Stamp Template Tutorial

RJS is proud to announce our September freebie, a vector vintage stamp template that can be downloaded on all this month. With Adobe CS, a nice head-shot, and the proper stylizing, this template is very easy to use. But just in case you are a little unsure of how to achieve the same result as I did, I will take you through the process step by step.
Step 1. Find a nice head-shot of your subject. It doesn't have to be a fashion shot, just a pic with good composition and lighting. I used a snap shot of my boy Magellan, aka Seth Thomas, from his FaceBook® Profile.
Step 2. Pull the pic into PhotoShop and do a sepia effect in the menu under Image> Adjustments> Hue/Saturation. (Command + U) Then check the box that reads colorize (otherwise everything will be neon) and adjust the sliders to your liking.
Step 3. Cut your subject out from the background. I always prefer to use Illustrator for this step because I want all edges to be really clean, but you can do this step in PhotoShop as well. (If you do use Illustrator, make sure you mask the image, export it, place it back in Illustrator and then use live trace).
Step 4. In Illustrator, Select the placed image and hit the live trace button at the top. Then set the preset to "Color 16" and the Min Area to 0 px. From there, you can tweak the blend to your liking by adding less or more colors in max colors field. Once you are satisfied, hit the expand button next to live trace. Now, use the white arrow and select the white background. Then, from the menu, choose Select> Same> Fill and Stroke and delete the white so that the background behind your subject will be removed.
Step 5. Open up " and unlock the layer called "Picture." Delete the illustration of me and paste the illustration you just worked on. Resize it however you would like and then mask it. You will notice that the "Cover" layer has some scribble and a blur to fade out the image. You will probably need to tweak this slightly for every image. Also, there is a layer called "Sketch Detail" which has a few thin lines that will give the picture a feeling of a real sketch. Use your judgement. If the sketch lines add to the layout, then add them.
Step 6. Finish your design by selecting the "Name Plate" layer and updating the Name.

Step 7. Hit up my boy Magellan's site at or click here to find him on iTunes. His jams are CRAZY!!!

I hope this tutorial was helpful and that you enjoyed my "Vintage Stamp" template.

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