Friday, December 4, 2009

★ Creative at Heart Card Layouts

I love being a print designer! There is so much more to design then just putting elements together on a screen or throwing out some sick concepts to a client and getting it approved, there is a final product. And the quality of that final product shows your skill, technique, creativity, and ability to take a project from start to finish. Print design is tactile and the substrate's weight, texture, finish, and embellishments all play a part of conveying your message.

Below are 3 card layouts that I designed for my studio to hand out to clients, perspective clients, and anyone else who I wanted to leave a special impression on. The 3 very different designs pull together nicely as a set with elegant euro flap envelopes, quill penned quotes, and an eco friendly kraft paper wrap around to enhance the prestige.

I hope you enjoy : ).

Creative At Heart ★ Minimal Design
Creative At Heart ★ Urban Design
Creative At Heart ★ Cultural Design