Monday, March 8, 2010

★ Maternity Photo Shoot

Preparing to have a first baby is a very surreal and beautiful time in the life of a couple. With each new fact you learn about the development of your little one and every stirring you feel the baby make in the womb, your breath is taken away. Maternity Photos attempt to help you savour those precious moments for a lifetime. Choosing the right photographer for this occasion is nothing short of a huge task, but when all is said and done, everyone who views your maternity photos should find themselves in a similar state as you- in awe of the wonderful miracle that is taking place.

Many of you may be aware that my wife and I are currently expecting a baby boy. We knew we wanted to capture the unfolding of this journey with a professional maternity photographer. Our top choice was Sara Molnar-Urbano of John Molnar Photography. When you view our photos, we think you'll agree with others who have said, "Gorgeous Photos," "Beautiful, simply beautiful," "Oh my gosh- the little shoes," "Can't wait to meet him," and "Love this!" Hopefully you will call Sara Urbano to arrange a photo shoot for when it's your time to celebrate this priceless season.
All the Beautiful Curves of the Baby Bump
Baby Talk
A Dream Come True
Baby Shoes
The Nursery
The Blueprint

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