Tuesday, March 30, 2010

★ Spot Light on Caleb Kimbrough

If you have never heard of the Texture kingpin, Caleb Kimbrough, you should click LostandTaken.com and dive into his beautiful high-res images that will multiply your designs instantly, free of charge! Caleb is a freelance photographer, web designer, and blogger who understands the struggle of artists such as myself and decided to give the creative community a helping hand by creating a hub of free high-res textures called Lost and Taken. As you can see from my spot light post images, I LOVE his textures! I use his set of "5 Colored Grungy Bokeh Textures." Caleb has already been widely recognized for his talent and one day every designer will know the name Caleb Kimbrough and LostandTaken.com.


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