Monday, April 5, 2010

★ One of the most unique companies ever born!

The headline reads "AHHHHHHH!!! Time Is Running Out!!! 3 Nails Bobber Giveaway Ends June 5th!"

Back in September of last year, I was commissioned by the Three Nails Motorcycle Union to develop their line of merchandise and to create their marketing and signage. I even had the pleasure of designing vinyl and cast-metal logos to accessorize their steel steeds as seen in the photo above!

I LOVE working with Three Nails! They are a Not For Profit Company worked by volunteers, yet such focus and precision goes into every detail of their work. It's quite amazing, and even more amazing is the mission that drives their work. Three Nails was created exclusively to raise funds to keep the Renovation House- Substance Abuse Program alive. These men believe in something. They believe that even banged up addicts can shine like new if they just have the right polish. They also believe that if they polish their bikes and merch with that vintage sheen we all love, Renovation House will be able to help restore millions of lives everywhere.

Support the dream by making a donation, purchasing some road wear, becoming a fan on FaceBook, or Trending on Twitter (#3NailsMU).
*A donation of $25.00 or more will make you eligible to own the Bobbed Out Beauty below.
© 2010 Three Nails Motorcycle Union. Images used with permission.

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