Monday, April 12, 2010

★ Your Creativity is the Limit

About 6 months ago I designed my Creative at Heart greeting card to give out to my past, present, and future clients. While the cards came with a standard, free envelope, I didn't feel that they added to the content held inside, so I ended up buying colored euro flap envelopes that I finished with a kraft paper wrap that said "BE CREATIVE AT HEART".

Recently, I found all those plain white envelopes and didn't want them to go to waste, so I designed custom rubber stamps to have a little fun personalizing them. The great thing about rubber stamps is that you can "print" the graphic on any paper in any ink color you want, however you want. On the Envelopes, I overlapped stamps to give a transparency effect, applied uneven pressure to give a distressed effect, and filled the pad with more than one color to give a gradient effect. With these fairly inexpensive stamps, I instantly upgraded these plain white envelopes and I can't wait to use them on other marketing pieces in the Future. Remember your Creativity is the Limit.

Creative At Heart ★ DuoTone Stamped Envelope
Creative At Heart ★ Asymmetrical Stamped Envelope
Rob Jelinski Studios ★ Destroy Stamped Envelope

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