Thursday, May 13, 2010

★ TAOS Trade Show Graphics

Have you ever heard the saying "Your gifting will make a way for you?" Recently, I found this saying to be true when I landed an account with one of my newest clients, the Technical Art Of Science or TAOS. When TAOS' president, Alicia Miletic saw the motion graphics I did for Soul Purpose ym's the Première, she was so impressed that she contacted me soon after to set up a meeting to discuss a few projects for Suppliers' Day, an upcoming trade show at the Raritan Center. The projects I completed for the show included: a Motion Graphics presentation of TAOS and their 5 domestic and international clients which was displayed dead-center in the middle of their booth, 2 beautiful 52" full color pub table tops, circle diecut memo pads and brochures, and 3 display ads that looped with other companies on flat and oversized projector screens throughout the show on the "In-Show network." It was my extreme pleasure to work with TAOS on these projects! They present themselves so wonderfully and it is clear that they are truly dedicated to Natural & Exceptional Beauty! Enjoy the pictures from the show.

To find out more about TAOS, their products, partners, capabilities and services click TAOSINC.INFO.

Technical Art Of Science's BEAUTIFUL 20 Foot Space
The Big Picture
Motion Graphics on Display
Close up of the 52" Full Color Pub Table Tops
I also Designed the Diecut Memo Pad
Screen Ads displayed on Flat & Oversized Projector Screens
Screen Ad No. 2
Screen Ad No. 3

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