Thursday, May 20, 2010

★ Garden of Eden Gourmet Market Illustration

Recently, I came across a disc in my studio catalogs entitled "Garden of Eden Logo Comps." Back when I was the Art Director at Met Speed Label, one of the partners came in my office and said that his client, Eden Gourmet, needed some labels done for their fresh produce. Pointing to a basic drawing of a red apple which was their current logo, he said, "Now they want exactly what they have now, but be creative and give them some options. This company is a huge chain in the city and I know you can give them something better." The above image is what I came up with and my good friend, Oscar Furtado came up with some killer comps too!

Obviously, Eden Gourmet never ended up using any of our logos, but imagine if they would have. Then this store front in Union Square (seen below) and all the Eden Gourmet stores around the Tri-State Area would proudly display mine or Oscar's original creation.

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