Wednesday, July 21, 2010

★ Spot Light on Invisible Creature is nifty little showcase of creativity put to good use. With 4 Grammy nominations for music packaging and a client list of heavy-hitters such as: Target, Nike, New York Times, Interscope, Sony, MTV, Nickelodeon, etc. they are their own creative community.

My personal IC Favs include: the Pedal Punk Poster, Spin the Stork Game, the T-Shirt design for Grain Edit , Ivoryline's "There Came a Lion" packaging and the grand finale- Hawk Nelson "...Is My Friend" packaging which unfolds into a candyland looking game!

Hurry and surf their site and tell the world which IC masterpieces are your favs!

Friday, July 2, 2010

★ Spot Light on Patrick Boivin

The other day I stumbled upon a Tweet that contained a stop motion video by Patrick Boivin. Patrick Boivin is the super genius behind stop motion animation pieces such as AT-AT day afternoon, Black Ox Skateboard, Iron Man vs. Bruce Lee, and the below, which is my favorite Jackson vs. Bean.

Even though Patrick is Amazing at directing, writing scripts, and the art of stop motion animation, he has also produced masterpieces in the categories of short films, music videos, and even some interactive games. Click here to see more of his work and intellect on YouTube and Vimeo.